We have two downtown surveys and one parking survey – we did Survey #1 in October 2019 and Survey #2 / #3 in February 2020. Read about both here!!

Survey #1– In October, we created a first (paper) survey to test our hypothesis that people were uninformed and misinformed about the details of each plan. It had 6 questions and we polled people at the farmer’s market. Be sure to read conclusions below!! These results are only the paper survey results, not the online surveys.

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Then we polled random people from the Livermore farmers market (on a very windy day!!) and we polled people in our team members’ neighborhoods. (BTW – Thank you everyone for participating and being so friendly! The results are very interesting(Correct answers are highlighted or circled):


Incredible. Under ~50% of participants answered correctly(Except for the first question, which kind of determines if they are guessing or not). This means that less than half the people knew a thing about the plan. That’s not a good sign when the citizens of Livermore have to vote about this.

Based on those results, we feel that it would be a good service to our community to provide an online resource with up-to-date comparative information about the two proposed plans. Hence, we are developing this ‘go-to’ website.

Survey #2 / #3- We have also put an online survey about the downtown pan as you may have seen on our home page (if not, please take it). Since the election is approaching and we have had many visitors to our website, we wanted to survey again to see if voters are learning more about the two plans. The survey is still going and we will share results close to the election day on March 3rd.

The third survey is to poll visitors to validate the need for the two parking solutions that we developed as part of our LEGO robotics City Shaper Challenge. Let us know what you think!! The survey is at www.liverbots.org