In order to understand what the redevelopment plan really is, our team of four 8th-graders spoke with the Mayor of Livermore, the Vice-Mayor of Livermore, the main proponents of the citizen plan (known as the Central Park Initiative), members of the steering committee who developed the city’s plan, vineyard and downtown business owners, and several Livermore citizens. We also read through much of the earlier parking studies, the documentation on the city’s plan provided by the city officials, the initiatives put forth by the Central Park Initiative proponents, newspaper articles, etc.

Surprising Finding – After doing some research and then speaking with friends and family, we realized something we thought was important. We found that people did not have an accurate understanding of the downtown redevelopment. In some cases, they simply did not have information, but in many cases, they had factually incorrect information. The question was: Is this a general problem or was our sample (~ 10 people) too small? Go to Survey

Based on the results of our survey, we felt that it would be a good service to our community to provide an online resource with up-to-date comparative information about the two proposed plans.