FIRST FLL Project Focus: Livermore Downtown

What is a FIRST FLL project? Part of the this year’s FLL competition requires the team to find a problem in their community, research it and develop a solution for that problem.

You might ask “Why?”

That’s easy. Livermore will have important voting decisions in March and November 2020. On the two ballot measures, voters will effectively decide between the city-developed plan and the Central Park Initiative, determining how our downtown will look for the future. Given our survey results, our voters need some way to clearly compare and contrast the plans. It would be truly tragic for people to make uninformed decisions on such an important issue for our community.

SO…keep watching this site over the next few days (this is posted on 11/1/2019). We are finalizing our work in preparation for our 11/10 competition in Dublin, CA and will be posting all of the information that we have been able to pull together so far. We will have data and links to the original sources so you can be informed and get details about things that matter most to you. Then, you can make good decisions based upon what you think is best for Livermore.

But wait…that’s not all…

In the original community outreach, parking was identified by the citizens of Livermore as the top priority in any redevelopment planning. As we thought about how we might solve that problem, we tried to think outside of the ‘parking garage” box. We feel that we have developed an excellent and innovative solution to this problem, so come back soon! That will also be posted here over the next few days.

LASTLY – We do want to provide a disclaimer…we are a group of 8th graders working on this project. While we think we have a great idea for providing information and a good technical solution, we realize we have not had enough time to become experts. So, if you have additional information that you feel should be included, please use the Contact Us button…you will need to provide us with original sources (or links to them). If they are the most current pieces of data, we might be able to post the information for all of you to see and review in detail. We will do our best to make sure our citizens have a chance to be the best informed voters out there!!